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Before all, we commit to supply high quality small solar panel for ever.

Brisolar Technology Co.,Ltd. is a well-organized innovator and manufacturer of high quality small size solar panel or PV module. It started business in year 2008, until now 10 years field experience, focuses on 1),Manufacturing processes breakthrough and improving 2), Function and characteristics up 3), New material search and mix in. It owe many patents. It locates at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

The products competitive advantages are:

1,Size can be small to 10mm x 10mm and super thin to 0.9mm.

2,The biggest power output in a same size compare other solar panel, cell efficiency up to 24%.

3, Very good high voltage output performance under weak light, can work even @ 250 LUX fluorescent light level.

4,Well cosmetics.

5,High performance vs Low price.

6,Solar panel running temperature can up to +85°C,down to -25°C

7, Long life span.

The products are widely applied on NB-IoT, automobile device , smart agriculture,car ETC module, GPS tracker, wireless device, wearable device, animal T/R sensor, road stud light, solar light,parking sensor, solar mobile chargers, bicycle, turbine generator, home small solar systems, etc. Our customers come from both commercial and personal, or public and private all over world. We own a R&D team and complete supplying sources.

Anyone throughout the world is welcome to customize products by the ways of OEM, ODM and technique co-operations. We commit to provide customers with the excellent quality products and perfect service for ever. Try this new tech without any hesitation if you are interested in surprise.


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Contact: Daisy Zhang

Phone: +86 755 26550705

Tel: +86 755 26550705

Email: market@brisolar.com

Add: A1-702, 03# Yuquan Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.